Friday, 23 January 2015

Weeping Angels!

St. George's Barbie dolls have made a reappearance this week! This time, instead of being mummified, they have become rather evil!

Today we took the first steps towards turning our dolls into stone Weeping Angels. 


We decided which pose to position them in, then made wings for them using polystyrene tiles. Finally for today, we gave them Weeping Angel hairstyles and made the draped clothes for them. 

Next week, we'll be painting them to make them look like real stone evil aliens! Keep an eye out for more pictures next week!

Thursday, 22 January 2015


This week with Mrs Herrera, we have been learning about the different types of clouds. We made these wonderful posters to demonstrate what we have learned:


We have been observing the weather every day this week, looking at wind direction and speed, rainfall, temperature and cloud cover. We took these beautiful pictures of the sky, using the iPad, so that we could assess the cloud cover:

Today St. George's did a fantastic experiment to make our own clouds! We worked with Mrs Herrera and used warm water, foil trays and ice cubes. Can you leave a comment to explain what you did? How did the clouds form?


Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Fabulous Imaginary Maps!

On Friday, we worked in groups to use inks to make these marvellous maps! 

We scrunched up, scrumpled, stamped on and tore the paper, to make it look old and worn. Then we covered it in water, before drawing the outline of our land. Then we used our hands (it was very messy!) to fill the paper with blended inks. Finally, we added shelters for our creatures, somewhere for them to find food and a land feature (such as a volcano, forest or river). There were some very imaginative ideas! 

Well done for your excellent artwork and more importantly, for working brilliantly in your teams.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Isle of Tune!

Today we played a fantastic new game. We experimented with programming to create our own island and to make music- at the same time!

Isle of Tune is a great game, in which you create an island that makes tunes. First you create your road network. Then you add other objects to the streets. Each item you add to your island (houses, trees, bushes etc.) plays a musical note. You can then change the notes and sounds that each item makes.

Once you have created your road network, you can add up to 3 cars. As each car passes an object along the roadside, it plays the note you have programmed. We had lots of fun with this today!

To play the game at home, click this link:

Remember to check with an adult before playing any other games or clicking other links.

The Doctor, Amy and Rory

Last week, we wrote some descriptions of three of the characters we have met so far on our Doctor Who adventure. We were particularly thinking about using similes, to show when something is 'like' or 'as' something else.

Four of these descriptions were so wonderful that I decided to share them with Mrs Day. She was very impressed! I loved how original and interesting their similes were.

Please click the pictures below to make them bigger and easier to read:

By D

By Justin S

By Ace

By Kiara

Very well done!

The Doctor's Bag

Yesterday, when we returned from playtime, something rather strange had happened! The Doctor had packed a bag to take on his next adventure to a new planet, but he had left it in our classroom!

We carefully opened the bag, then looked at each item that the Doctor had packed. There were some rather odd things in there! We discussed what each item might be and what he might need it for.

The items gave us some clues about the planet that the Doctor might be travelling to, in the TARDIS of course. We thought of some other things he might need to take with him on his adventure, then drew what we thought this mystery planet might be like. It was fascinating to see that we all imagined the planet differently, from the same clues!

Saturday, 10 January 2015


This week, St. George's Class started their exciting new 'Weather' topic with Mrs Herrera!

Keep an eye on the weather forecasts this weekend, it's been a windy day today- what do the forecasters think the weather will be like next week?

Click on the picture below to see how Newsround explained what is going on with our weather this weekend.

See if you can read or hear any news stories about weather in other parts of the world.

The Beginning of an Invasion...

Yesterday, an alien invasion of St. George's Class began! We started to create the spacecraft that they will arrive in- we drew our designs, then made the flying saucers.

We used pastels, paints and some fantastic tapes kindly donated by D's family!

Next week, the aliens will be in their spaceships and flying in our classroom- we'll post some more photos when they arrive!